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Myron E. Siegel & Associates recognizes that, in the representation of business clients, not all legal problems are directly related to business. In order to provide the ultimate in coordinated legal services we are prepared to accommodate other legal needs our clients and their colleagues may encounter.

This enables us to effectively address your legal and business needs wherever they may arise. We find this model to be far more efficient when we can engage the best professionals in that jurisdiction and oversee the work. This is one key reason that we are able to serve as your complete source for legal and business advice. Our practice areas are listed below.


After many years and hundreds of cases, the attorneys at Myron E. Siegel & Associates have learned that the facts are always the same in a general sense, but have infinite variety as to the particulars. There is always an elderly person, usually alone, and a predatory relative, friend, or caretaker who takes advantage of the loneliness, dependency and infirmity of old age. The attorneys at Myron E. Siegel & Associates understand that while clients are best served by first attempting to negotiate an honest, fair and prompt resolution to a dispute, it often becomes necessary for an estate attorney to litigate in order to preserve and protect a family member's personal rights and assets or a client's inheritance.

Estate, trust, probate and guardianship litigation are ever-developing areas of the law. The Probate Lawyers at Myron E. Siegel & Associates have been practicing in the inheritance dispute area for ten years and have represented many clients in estate-related disputes, both prosecuting and defending, with a wide variety of causes of action. Our firm has a breadth of experience and our attorneys have varied backgrounds that make them extraordinarily well-suited for our area of concentration. We have attorneys with backgrounds in estate planning, uncontested probate and guardianship, law enforcement, nursing, and guardianship advocacy, all of which play an important role in cases involving exploitation of the elderly and in inheritance disputes. The firm's practice areas include:

    Lack Undue Influence, of Mental Capacity, Will Contests, Elective Share, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Removal of Personal Representative, Surcharge Action, Power of Attorney

    Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Accounting, Removal of Fiduciary, Trust Modification, Trust Termination

    Due to substance abuse or mental health issues which render a person dangerous to him/herself or others, Emergency Temporary Guardianships

    Uncontested Formal Probate Administration, Summary Probate Administration, Plenary Guardianship, Limited Guardianship.

    Federal Estate Tax Returns, Trust Administration

    Uncontested plenary and limited guardianship

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